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lightsaber mk 1

The closest I got to making a lightsaber until now was playing Knights of the Old Republic but after a long summer where we seemed to get a bubble sword wherever we went we now have several in the garden getting weathered in an old bucket. Thinking there had to be something better they could be doing […]

pimpkin, projects October 5, 2016 Peter Cliff One comment

one ugly app :-)

Well, it sure ain’t gonna win any prizes for being the prettiest of apps, but I have the basics to turn the lights on and off using a phone done… I was especially pleased with the horrible orange colour reminiscent of early Ubuntu colour schemes. 🙂 Next step is to figure out how to call […]

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nervous happy

The latest episode of NPR’s “How I Built This” (a great podcast interviewing people who have created good things) featured Gary Erikson, creator of the Clif Bar and it was (like the rest of the series) inspiring. In the podcast he talks about facing hard situations feeling “nervous happy”, for example when lead climbing or on a […]

pimpkin, projects September 26, 2016 Peter Cliff One comment

Decisions Decisions

  Even on a small project like this one there are so many decisions to be made! For example: Pi Zero or Pi 2 (I’ve got one of each but the Zero will need a bit of work adding the pins, etc.) Use the PiGlow I have already (simple) or wire up some LEDs (more […]

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my pimpkin challenge

It is nearly Halloween. 10 million Raspberry Pi’s have been sold. My colleague won a prize for IoT so I did the AWS intro to their IoT platform. Sometimes the world tells you stuff and it is only right to listen. So this month I’m setting myself a challenge. I’m going to make an Web-connected […]

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the customer is always right?

I started reading “The Innovator’s Dilemma“. I got it in a charity shop and it has gathered dust on the shelf for a while, but casting around for something to read on the bus this one jumped out. I guess its time is now. I’m only three chapters in but it is certainly making a […]